Monday, July 23, 2012

Team Tourney Rules Ideas

So, I'm kicking around so ideas for the team tournament for Ctcon 2013.

Thus far my thoughts are

Moving Up to 1k points per player (from 750 this year)
Teams will function following the allies rules with the following exceptions:
1.)All teammate armies that are not Battle Brothers count as Allies of Convienience.  I.e. Any army can ally with any other army, but battle brother armies gain a bonus from the battle brothers rules. 
2.) Armies from the same codex are battle brothers.

NO allies may be take in a players army, you are already allying with your partner.

FOC is the same as last year
1HQ and 1 Troop required for each player
Each player can take up to 1 Elite/fast/heavy/additional 2 troops
The remaining FOC slots are swing slots i.e. one player can take a second elite/fast/heavy choice.
Each Player may select a fortification

Forgeworld Units that have been stamped 40k approved by Forgeworld, and FAQ'd for use in 6th Ed.(if neccessary, as in the case of vehicles) are legal.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Connecticon 40k mission

This is a blog I have created to document, and exchange Ideas concerning 40k and wargamming at Connecticon.  A large Multigenre convention each summer in Hartford Connecticut.  This blog will be the source for all information pertaining to wargaming occuring at the convention (though you will still be able to find general information on the Connecticon website.)  Here you will be able to find proposed missions,  rules discussions, event details, pictures/articles about terrain creation for the convention, etc.  This is an endeavor on my behalf to make Connecticon the Goto event in Connecticut for minatures wargaming  This year in 2012(my first year), we had our biggest event ever and I only hope to grow going forward.