Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Connecticon Tournament Info up

I have posted the Connecticon GT and Team Tournament info the GT info Page. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Battle for Salvation 2000 point tournament

SO the BFS guys frequent my events so I figure I will give them a plug, they run great tournaments.  Wish I could be at this one unfortunately I already have plans that day.  But if you are in the Northeast (Southern New England, NJ, NY) I highly recomment going to this.

The Battle for Salvation Gaming Club will be hosting a 2000 point 40K tournament on April 20th.

-Doors open at 9:30AM Dice at 10:00
-Address: 251 Underhill Avenue, West Harrison NY 10604 (West Harrison Rec Center)
-2K points (1 FOC, allies, Bastion and Aegis allowed)
-Entry Fee 20.00
-Prizes for various awards as usual
-no painting requirement but army needs to be modeled appropriately

If you have any questions  email  robert.sinnott05@gmail.com