Connecticon FAQ

This is the FAQ for use at Connecticon.  If there is anything I have missed please ask.  IF GW updates any of these ruling prior to Connecticon those rulings will override these rulings.
Warhammer 40,000 Rule Book
2014 FAQ
1.0 Converted and Counts-As Model Policy

Although converted and creatively modeled miniatures may be used, you may suffer penalties as a result of how they are modeled, and may never gain a benefit:
Example (purely hypothetical) – You’ve creatively modeled a greater demon twice the normal height; as a result, it would be more difficult for you to GAIN cover saves, but easier for you to DENY cover saves to your opponent / gain line of sight. In practice and by rule, you might end up being required to measure line of sight from where the actual model would be (or as close as can be approximated), yet would be drawn line of sight TO using your actual model’s full size.

Effectively, no amount of creative modeling may alter the course of play beyond what would be for a “standard” GW miniature for the unit in question, except when such alteration would incur a disadvantage for the creatively modeled unit.

Please understand we wish to encourage exceptional creativity in modeling, and even have separate awards dedicated to it; that said, we cannot permit unfair advantages of any kind for models being larger, smaller, or of a different shape and size than their unit’s official miniatures.

When in doubt, call a tournament organizer or play the model(s) in question as close as possible to the way the actual unit should appear.

1.1 Army List Policy
Please Bring 6 copies of your army list, one for the organizer, to check against the submitted army list, and one for each opponent.

1.2 Basing Policy
Models must be played on the bases provided with them.

1.3 Judge Policy
Note that rules judges hold final say on all tournament issues. To drive home the point, it is entirely possible for them to instruct players to begin a new round within the 15 minute time window, grant a loss to someone they repeatedly catch in the act of cheating, etc. This is to ensure play with integrity, good sportsmanship, and honesty – players will not be permitted to “abuse” the rules in place in order to gain unfair advantages. Please note,, individual judge rulings are NEVER binding precedent.

1.4 Your Army / Game Rules
You MUST possess either a published, iBook/eBook, or printed copy of any and all rules used by your army (up to and including Universal Special Rules, unit stats, army special rules, points costs, wargear details, etc.).

1.5 Slow play policy
 Players must complete at least 5 game turns during the provided time.  If 5 game turns are not completed during a given round players will be penalized.  The first time a player fails to complete a round he/she will be docked 5 battle points, for repeat offenses players will be docked an additional 5 points for each offense (so 5, then 10 (15 total), then 15 etc.).

2.0 Rulebook and Codex FAQ

2.1 Rulebook

2.1.1  General
  • Units embarked on a transport do not count for scoring purposes.
  • Units which are normally allowed to fire more than one weapon in the Shooting Phase are allowed to fire more than weapon at other pertinent times as well including Overwatch and Intercept.
  • An IC on a Chariot loses his IC status.
  • An Infantry Unit containing a Bike such as with an IC on a bike joining a Unit, can be Pinned but cannot Go to Ground voluntarily.
  • A Unit may not Deep Strike into a Building.
2.1.2        The Movement Phase
  • A Tank’s initial pivot when “aiming” is not considered part of the Tank Shock; models displaced by the pivot may not make “Death or Glory” attacks (unless they are in the path of the tank shock itself).
  • Vehicle models on Skimmer bases that are affected by Difficult/Dangerous Terrain use their Hulls for determining whether they are on/over it.
2.1.3        The Shooting Phase
  • Models that Turbo-boost in the Shooting phase can move any number of inches (up to the maximum for their unit type) in any combination of directions.
  • Since LoS can now be drawn from multiple points on a firing model, when determining if a target is 25% obscured from the point of view of a firing model, it should be considered 25% obscured if it would be so when drawing LoS from ANY valid point from the firing unit (erring on the side of granting Cover)
  • Only Units targeted by an attack may Jink.  I.e. A skimmer that is not the target of a blast weapon that is hit by the blast may not Jink.

2.1.4        The Assault Phase
  • Units are considered to be locked in close combat as soon as any enemy model moves into base to base contact with them. This prevents the unit from firing Overwatch against other units charging them later in the same phase.
  • Units that may fire two weapons (i.e., Monstrous Creatures, Multi-tracker Suits) in the Shooting Phase may also do so when firing Overwatch.
2.1.5        Psykers/Psychic Powers
  • To clarify, the term Psyker and Psychic Unit refers to individual Psyker models within a Unit (or of course to the entire unit if it has Brotherhood of Psykers).  All Psykers in a Unit are different Psykers and thereby can manifest the same power.
  • A Psyker who has already opted to take the Primaris Power by forgoing one of his random rolls, cannot then gain Psychic Focus for that discipline and must roll at least one of his remaining powers on a different Discipline.
  • A Unit with a special rule which causes it to always hit on a specific value in close combat, such as Kharn or a model with a Wolf Tooth Necklace, will always hit on those specific values against an Invisible unit.
  • If the Terrify psychic power causes a unit locked in close combat to fall back, they leave combat and make a normal fall back move. If they were the only unit locked in combat with the enemy, the enemy may neither Consolidate or perform a Sweeping Advance.
  • Zooming Flyers and Swooping Monstrous Creatures do suffer all the effects of the Objuration Mechanicum psychic power.
  • As per the rulebook, nova powers hit ALL units (even Invisible ones).
  • A psychic pilot vehicle which is removed from play due to rolling a “1” on the Perils of the Warp chart will also remove any Passengers from play.
  • Psykers may not generate more powers than their Mastery Level unless explicitly permitted to do so.
  • Psykers may not manifest more powers in a turn than their mastery level unless explicitly permitted to do so.
  • Chaos / Chaos Daemon units that obtain the Primaris power from their chosen discipline for free may still gain the Primaris from another discipline due to Psychic Focus if they only GENERATE powers from that specific tree during psychic power generation.
  • The same restrictions that apply to Psykers while inside Transports also apply to Psykers while inside a Building.
  • Bonuses to Deny the Witch may never be applied to attempts to deny Blessings or Conjurations unless explicitly permitted by the wargear or unit rule in question.
  • When manifesting Witchfires or Focussed Witchfires that do not follow the normal shooting process, make one to hit roll to see if the power connects like in the case of Psychic Shriek.
  • Conjured units are considered part of your army, but are not considered part of a specific Detachment, and thus do not follow any special rules or effects granted to units part of a specific Detachment (i.e., Objective Secured).

2.1.6        Universal Special Rules
  • Models making a Hit & Run move that encounter an obstacle they are not allowed to move through or over (such as Impassable Terrain or the edge of the board, for example) immediately end their move.
  • An Independent Character with Infiltrate does not override the normal rules for deploying an IC with a unit; in short, the rule does not confer until the IC is joined, which must occur either in Reserves (in which case Outflank would confer), or via deployment (in which case Non-Infiltrating units would already be deployed before the IC could be placed on the board). The Outflank USR can be conferred either by a unit with the Infiltrate USR to an attached IC in reserves, or by an IC with the Infiltrate USR attached to a Unit in reserves.
  • A model that fires during an opponent’s turn using the Interceptor special rule may still fire Overwatch if assaulted in the same player turn, even with the same weapon used to intercept.
  • A model that fires during an opponent’s turn using the Interceptor special rule may not override the normal restrictions for unit firing (in other words, may not fire separate weapons with the Interceptor Rule at separate targets).
  • Unless specified otherwise, attacks that cause Instant Death on a to wound roll of 6 still need to be able to wound the target model for Instant Death to be inflicted.
2.1.7        Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures
  • Automatic hits / damage / effects inflicted by passive or unusual abilities affect Swooping FMC and Zooming Flyers unless explicitly prohibited (i.e., blast and template weapons may not be used when snap shooting)
  • Per the BRB, all hull-mounted weapons have both a Vertical and Horizontal 45 degree firing arc; this arc is not 45 degrees in each of multiple possible directions, but a net 45 degrees vertically and/or horizontally. When incorrectly modeled or difficult to ascertain, determine vertical firing arc parallel to the plane of the tabletop.
2.1.8        Blast & Template Weapons
  • Template weapons may generate hits on models from a target unit out of the firing weapon’s Line of Sight. You still may not allocate wounds / vehicle damage results to models out of Line of Sight (unless, of course, the weapon/firing unit’s special rules permit them to ignore Line of Sight).
2.1.9        Fortifications
  • Fortifications may not be placed on pre-placed Terrain.
  • Fortifications/gun emplacements do not generate Points of any kind when destroyed, do not benefit from special abilities that affect models/units, and are unaffected by maledictions/blessings.
  • Skyshield Landing Platform
  • For purposes of Assault, models on top of a Skyshield Landing Platform are always considered to be visible to the Assaulting Unit (no to creating un-assailable platforms with units like Scarabs).
  • The legs/non-platform portion of the Skyshield grant a 3+ cover save, per the normal rules for Fortifications.
2.1.10        Terrain
  • At the Connecticon, many terrain elements will be given the Battlescape qualification, only as Difficult Terrain instead of Dangerous Terrain. Please consult the mission packet for specific piece-by-piece rules.
2.1.11        Independent Characters
  • A unit comprised entirely of Independent Characters does not need to be deployed together as one unit (i.e., Farsight Command Team, Sanguinary Priests)
2.2 Codices
2.2.1        Multi-Codex
  • Whether glued shut or not, Drop Pod doors are never considered to block Line of Sight, and their doors are always ignored.
  • Models disembarking from a drop pod can make a normal move ending wholly within 6” of the pod.
  • When a Drop Pod deploys in Difficult/Dangerous Terrain and fails its Difficult Terrain test, then it loses a total of 2 Hull Points (one for suffering an “Immobilized” result, and one for suffering said result once already Immobilized). Note per the Drop Pod rules that it does not lose a Hull Point for being Immobilized by virtue of drop pod deployment, so a failed dangerous test upon deep striking into terrain will not automatically kill a Drop Pod.
  • Storm Bolters, Hunter Killer Missiles, Deathwind Missile Launchers, and Multi-Meltas selected as upgrades for various vehicles are pintle-mounted unless otherwise stated
  • Stormravens and Dreadnoughts – If a Dreadnought is inside a Zooming Flyer when it is destroyed, apply any damage results per the Stormraven’s rules first (S4 hit to rear armor in the case of an explosion, nothing in the case of a wreck). Then, apply a S10 hit with no AP to an armor facing randomized by d3. Determining the armor facing is a rules addition/clarification.
2.2.2        Blood Angels
  • While Death Company are never scoring, any dedicated transport bought for them will benefit from the Objective Secured rule if taken within a Detachment that benefits from said rule.
2.2.3        Chaos Daemons
  • Warp Storm results that inflict damage on enemy units on a “6” do not affect units embarked on a transport or within a building.
  • Warp Storm results that inflict damage on a 6 may hit units that require snap firing, and may not be Jinked against.
  • You may determine the type of Daemon unit summoned by the Portalglyph after rolling the D6 for the # of models generated. This unit is treated as part of the Detachment to which the Portalglyph-carrying model belong(s/ed).
  • Kairos Fateweaver may not re-roll the end-of-game roll, or any rolls that do not occur during a Turn (i.e., Stealing the Initiative).
  • Kairos Fateweaver never generates powers from another discipline than those known and stipulated by his Two Heads of Fate rule.
  • Hellforged Artefacts cannot be chosen when conjuring units if they were created pre-game from exalted Rewards in your army list, nor may they be duplicated during the course of play.
  • Screamers may never make more than 1 attack per assault phase using Lamprey’s Bite (even charging)
  • Enemy Psykers within 12” of any number of Fiends of Slaanesh suffer a -1 penalty to their LD.
  • A model’s Feel No Pain rule can never be improved beyond a 2+ (Warpflame stacks)
  • When rolling for a model’s Daemonic Rewards, Warp-forged Armor and the Unbreakable Hide Greater Reward are not considered to be duplicates.
  • Before attempting to Manifest “Flickering Fire,” you must declare the precise level of the spell you are casting. If you fail to manifest enough warp charges for the declared level, you may not use a lesser number of successes to manifest a lesser level of the power.
  • Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch cannot be Conjured when using Sacrifice
2.2.4        Dark Angels
  • Ravenwing Grenade Launchers apply their negative effects the moment they successfully hit an enemy unit (and so are in effect when the same unit’s firing is resolved to Wound, etc.).
  • A unit containing Belial that uses the Gate of Infinity psychic power to Deep Strike does not scatter. Also, the unit does not need to roll to see if a model is claimed by the warp.  This assumes the unit meets the requirements (Inner circle models) of Belial’s special rule.
2.2.5        Dark Eldar
  • When a unit with the Brotherhood of PSykers/Sorcerers rule is affected by The Crucible of Malediction, remove the entire unit from play.
  • To work out rapid fire range in conjunction with Dark Eldar Nightshields, reduce only the maximum range of the weapons by 6”; this means a bolter would effectively fire at 18” and would still double-tap a nightshielded vehicle within 9 inches.
2.2.6        Eldar
  • Doom only permits re-rolling failed rolls to wound and/or failed Armor Penetration rolls (note that glancing hits may not be re-rolled).
  • A model on a Death Mission may still activate its Force Weapon
  • The paired powers for each Runes of Battle result are considered separate for all purposes (i.e. casting the same psychic power twice in one turn)
  • While wounds inflicted by Mind War may be reallocated via Look Out Sir, the WS/BS reduction may not be
  • Weapons with the Bladestorm and Monofilament special rules wound models whose Toughness is high enough to otherwise prevent it when they roll a “6” to wound
  • You must declare which weapons are firing BEFORE rolling to Hit with Scatter Lasers and determining Laser Lock
  • The bearer of a Scattershield is considered the “attacking” model for purposes of passing Blind tests
  • The Disarming Strike Exarch Power cannot affect Tyranid Close Combat Biomorphs
  • The Fast Shot Exarch Power may be used to fire any weapon being used by the Exarch an additional time; this does not overrule the restriction on a UNIT throwing more than one grenade in a Shooting phase.
  • Crushing Blow modifies a model’s base profile (therefore, prior to modifiers/doublers)
  • Illic Nightspear may deploy directly into base contact with an enemy model, but does not count as assaulting, being locked in combat, or in any way engaging the model in assault; as soon as either model moves in the Movement Phase, it must finish its move at least 1” away.
  • Bonuses to Fuegan’s profile are retained even if lost wounds are regained (i.e. Renew)
  • Swooping Hawk wings do not confer Skyleap or Herald of Victory
  • Be aware – Warlock Councils may only be selected in Primary Detachments
  • Be aware – by rule, Warlocks are split off to join other units immediately AFTER determining Warlord Traits (which also happens to be BEFORE they determine Psychic Powers)
  • Be aware – by rule, Battle Focus may ONLY be used to Run (in other words, no battle focused turbo boosting jetbikes)
  • The Wave Serpent’s Serpent Shield may be removed due to a Weapon Destroyed result
  • The Serpent Shield does benefit from twin-linking due to Laser Lock
  • A Ghost Helm can only be used by a Farseer to negate a wound suffered from Perils of the Warp, never to negate the effect caused by that POTW. The Ghost Helm cannot be used when the Farseer fails his LD check in the case of a (1) Perils result, for instance, would still lose a power in the case of a (2) result, and so on.
  • When a Ghost Helm is used to negate a wound suffered from Perils, it must be a Warp Charge remaining in the pool, and not one that was just used to manifest the power (e.g., you may not use the 4th success of 4 when perils during an attempt to manifest a ML3 power).
  • Swooping Hawks do not lose ongoing effects (such as Soul Blaze, Falling Back, etc.) if they are off the table due to Skyleap, but are also not affected by them until they return to play        Eldar: Iyanden Supplement
  • The Voice of Twilight psychic power is a blessing that does not target a specific unit (and thus does not require Line of Sight); any unit within range when it is cast subsequently retains the blessing’s benefits, regardless of its distance from the caster
2.2.7        Grey Knights and Inquisition
  • A Neural Shredder uses the majority leadership of the target unit when rolling to wound.
  • Henchmen granted Scoring Status for any reason from Codex: Inquisition do not become Troops, and thus do not benefit from Objective Secured if part of a Detachment benefitting from that rule.
  • Units from Codex: Inquisition can roll for Daemonology powers. Psykers from this book will also perils on any roll of a double when casting Malefic or Sanctic powers.
  • The Null Rod does not allow a Unit to ignore the effects of Psychic powers that have been cast on other Units.
2.2.8        Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum)
  • When rolling for Reserves with an Infantry Platoon, always roll once for all units. Separate units from the same platoon may arrive via separate means (i.e., a Combined Squad arriving from Outflank due to an attached IC while the Platoon Command Squad arrives via regular reserves).
  • A Manticore’s Missiles only count as Separate Weapons when determining Weapon Destroyed results. This means you may not use abilities such as Power of the Machine Spirit to fire more than 1 rocket per turn.
  • A Manticore’s Missile Rack is limited to a 45 degree arc of fire for purposes of Line of Sight / subtracting BS from scatter.
2.2.9        Necrons
  • A Doom Scythe’s Death Ray is a hull-mounted weapon, but the two points picked for it do not have to be within the weapon’s arc of sight. While all models under the line generate a hit on their unit, only models in the Doom Scythe’s LoS and range (including the range and LoS drawn from the Tesla Destructor, if fired) can have unsaved wounds / vehicle damage results allocated to them.
  • The twin-linked tesla destructor on an Annihilation Barge is a hull-mounted weapon.
  • Although a chariot and its passenger is treated as a single model, only hits allocated to the embarked model may benefit from the 3++ save generated by a Phase Shifter. Furthermore, the passenger may not benefit from Jink saves normally taken by the barge itself.
  • Lightning strikes from Imotekh’s Lord of the Storm ability can hit Invisible units, and units may not Jink to avoid these hits from the storm.
  • Swooping FMCs and Zooming Flyers can be targeted and affected by ‘sweep’ attacks such as those from a Necron Overlord in a CCB
  • Deathmarks are considered deployed as soon as they or a transport they are embarked upon succeed their Reserves roll. Nominate your marked unit immediately once this unit or its transport (presuming they are embarked upon it) is placed on the table.
  • When a Catacomb Command Barge returns to play, it does so with all the effects it possessed when it generated an everliving counter. If it suffered a penetrating hit, for example, it will still have lost Quantum Shielding.
  • When a Catacomb Command Barge returns to play, if the rider is equipped with a Phylactery, the Chariot itself only regains a single hull point.
  • Catacomb Command Barges embarked upon by an Independent Character may not join units or be joined by other Independent Characters.
2.2.10        Orks
2.2.11        Adepta Sororitas
  • Attacks and special rules that reduce a characteristic or apply an ongoing effect to Saint Celestine (e.g. the Entropic Strike special rule) still apply if she returns to the game via Miraculous Intervention.
2.2.12        Space Marines
  • Vehicles benefit from the effects of cover and invulnerable saves against damage inflicted by Graviton Weapons
  • Graviton weapons inflict an additional hull point of damage when resolving a “6” against vehicles that are already immobilized
  • When determining what is required to Wound units with a mixed armor save using a Graviton weapon, use the MAJORITY armor save. Where a majority does not exist, use the largest minority armor save. Where there is an equal number of all armor save types, use the HIGHEST, synonymous in this case with WORST (even if this means rolling to wound against an armor save of “-“)
2.2.12        Space Wolves
  • The various abilities of Njal’s storm all affect Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures and Zooming Flyers
2.2.13        Tau
  • The roll made for Aun’Va’s Paradox of Duality may be taken in addition to any save the model may attempt. Additionally, weapons that ignore cover do not negate the Paradox of Duality roll.
  • When a model with the Skyfire special rule uses the Seeker markerlight ability to fire a Seeker Missile at a Zooming Flyer or Swooping Flying Monstrous Creature, the attack is resolved at BS5.  If the firing model does not have Skyfire, the attack is resolved at BS1.
  • A model firing Overwatch cannot use the Target Lock support system to target a non-charging enemy unit.
  • Marker Lights may only benefit shots fired against the unit the Markers were on (you may not, for instance, expend 2 Marker Lights to Ignore Cover on other units fired at using rules such as Target Lock)        Tau – Farsight Enclaves
  • O’Vesa may join units; other Independent Characters may NOT join a unit containing O’Vesa, however
2.2.14        Tyranids
  • A Mawloc making use of Terror from the Deep cannot choose to Deep Strike onto an ongoing close combat initially. If the Mawloc happens to scatter into a combat, models will be affected as normal. Terror from the Deep is not affected or inhibited from inflicting damage due to the Invisibility psychic power.
  • Note a hive tyrant and tyrant guard are scored separately for Points, even joined together.
  • Any unit of Termagants spawned by a Tervigon is worth Points as normal, and is considered part of the Detachment the Tervigon that spawned it belongs to.

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