Thursday, April 4, 2013

Battle for Salvation 2000 point tournament

SO the BFS guys frequent my events so I figure I will give them a plug, they run great tournaments.  Wish I could be at this one unfortunately I already have plans that day.  But if you are in the Northeast (Southern New England, NJ, NY) I highly recomment going to this.

The Battle for Salvation Gaming Club will be hosting a 2000 point 40K tournament on April 20th.

-Doors open at 9:30AM Dice at 10:00
-Address: 251 Underhill Avenue, West Harrison NY 10604 (West Harrison Rec Center)
-2K points (1 FOC, allies, Bastion and Aegis allowed)
-Entry Fee 20.00
-Prizes for various awards as usual
-no painting requirement but army needs to be modeled appropriately

If you have any questions  email

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