Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Team Tournament at Gaming ETC Stratford CT May 26th

Hi all,

Given the success of our learn to play event in April, and just for the sake of doing something a bit different I decided to go with a team Tournament in May.

Each team will be 2 Players

Each Player will contribute 1000 points toward the team.

Armies will consist of the following per player

1 HQ
1-3 Troops
0-1 Elite
0-1 Fast
0-1 Heavy

0-1 Fortification per team
The allies rules will be in effect as follows.

Battle Brothers function as described in the Warhammer 40k Rulebook (i.e. if you and your partner bring Battle Brother allies, your psychic powers can effect one another, you can join their squads etc...)

Armies Selected from the same Codex (i.e. both players play Tyranids) will count as Battle Brothers.

Any non battle brother pairing will be treated as allies of Convienience.  (So if you play Tyranids and your buddy plays space marines, you can play together, and not negatively impact one another, but your abilities do not help each other unless otherwise specified.)

All armies must be WYSIWYG.

There is a 5 point bonus if both players bring fully painted armies.

Missions will be those I typically run, see the Connecticon GT primer page for examples.

Army Lists Should be submitted to no later than Friday 5/24.

Check in for the Event is 9:30 Game one will begin Promptly at 10:00

Rounds will be 2.5 Hours.

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