Friday, July 26, 2013

1850 point NOVA style Tournament Gaming ETC August 18th 2013

Gaming ETC (555 Lordship Boulevard) Stratford, CT

Entry Fee:$10

Check in: 9:30
First Dice 10:00

2.5 hour Rounds.

We will be using the
NOVA primer for our missions
for missions at this event so that players that are practicing for the NOVA Open at the end of august can use this event as a tune up.  It is also a good Chance for players who have never played the format to experience one of the Major GT formats and the one used by our largest local GT, The Battle For Salvation GT.

As such Battle points will work slightly differently.

 For cumulative missions we will continue to use the Margin of Victory calculation we have been using at our typical events.

For Tiered missions Winning The Primary Goal will be worth 11 Battle points, the Secondary Goal will be worth 6 battle points, and the Tertiary goal will be worth 3 Battle points.

We are looking to get this started Promptly at 10:00, if you are not checked in by 9:45 you will be docked 10 Battlepoints.

We will be giving out awards for

Best General
Best Painted
Best Sportsman
as well as 2nd and 3rd place.

Please Send your lists to by Friday 8/17


  1. Hey I'm a huge fan of etc and their past tournaments. Since it's kinda dead there now I need a new place to play with new players and go to a tournament now and then. I live in milford ct which is close to etc, any ideas for places that host games or even have a place to play with some new faces? Please email me at
    Ps. I've met you and fritz at games day in Chicago few years back.