Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Preregister for Connecticon 2014

Hi all,

Connecticon 2014 is Schedule for July 10-13th 2014.  And Preregistration is up (click on the link)  and is $45 if you register prior to January 5th 2014 so register now and save some cash.

Some Changes we are making for next year with the 40k tournaments

1.) Better Terrain...this was one of the biggest comments I received and already knew...so we are working to make this work better.

2.) I'm hoping to have all your badges prior to the event next year, so you will come find me instead of the long line to wait in (assuming you pre-reg...if not I cannot help you.)  For the few people that got stuck in line and missed the event last year...hope that this will help.

3.) Trying to schedule some longer breaks during the day for those who want to check out some other convention happenings, or grab some better food.

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